February 23rd, 2011, after a routine appointment at Downtown Women OBGYN in Soho, my wife, Mary, was instructed to go directly to the emergency room at NYU Tisch. She was having extreme back pain, chest pain, and shortness of breath. For precautionary measures they wanted to do additional testing to ensure it wasn’t complications with her pregnancy. Several hours later, while working in Sandusky, Ohio, I was on a frantic phone call with Mary, as she explained to me that due to severe complications in her pregnancy (caused from HELLP Syndrome), that our unborn child of only 28 weeks, would have to be taken out of the womb via emergency c-section. At that moment, both Mary and our unborn daughter had a high risk of fatality. It was the one of the scariest moments in my life! Remy was born via cesarean at 7:23 PM. I heard the news while sitting on a plane at Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport. I felt joy, sorrow, and helplessness. I cannot begin to describe the flood of other emotions that I was filled with during my flight home. To top it off, I eventually had to de-plane for a later flight. Through the eyes of a first time Father, the story of the 2 lb love of my life begins.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I hope and pray that little Remy continues to improve and she recovers completely. It must be incredibly difficult to watch her struggle for life, but it sounds like she is moving in the right direction. Believe!

  2. Hey Pete & Mary/Mary & Pete,
    It’s Meredith (Of the Wagner Queens)
    Sometimes my lack of monitoring facebook leaves me totally in the dark about major life happening with those I know. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you guys and if you need ANYTHING please don’t even blink before asking.

    That little girl comes from good stock- I know she’s gonna be a rockstar.

    All my love-m

  3. Pete and Mary, I pray for you and your beautiful baby girl each day. She is adorable and I have a lot of hope for her no matter what. You are in my thoughts. Sending all my love.


  4. Hello, my name is Jamie and on December 19 2016 at 31 weeks pregnant gave birth to twins. The most handsome boy we named Deklyn and the most beautiful girl named Marilyn. To make a long story short Marilyn past from septic shock at 3 days old. My heart has been ripped in half and will never ever be the same again. Although Deklyn survived and I have 5 other children I am having a very difficult time dealing with the loss of my child. While looking up support groups I came across your story. I guess I’m hoping finding someone who understands what I’m going thru will help me deal with. Is it OK to msg u? I know this must sound weird but I haven’t slept in weeks now and cry all the time. I broke down in the Super market 2 days ago. I am in so much pain I’m not sure how to cope.

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