RelishEveryMomentYou have

I’ve attempted to post so many times since posting Remy’s eulogy on June 5th and my fingers just stopped working, my brain just went to mush and tears rolled down my eyes.  It may sound contradictory to the message I set out to send. A message Remy embedded into so many, but it was a piece of me that seized to work and maybe it is just because I feel the urge to honor her on this special day that am able to do it today.

I’d be lying if I told anyone that Mary and I will find much joy in today.  In fact so much of our feelings through this holiday season are pure anger, sadness and angst in the most severe forms. We are human. How else can I put it?  But we will try our hardest to find joy.  We have our amazing parents, our brothers and sisters and our new baby nieces, Madison and Mackenzie, SuperTy , and all of you to be grateful for.  And…..for as much as we miss Remy, for as much pain as both Mary and I feel, there are moments we can close ours eyes in complete quiet and while tears are inevitable every time, we can’t  match the feeling that she gave me us in life. We miss it in a way I wont attempt to describe, but  I promised my daughter I would never let that feeling go to waste.

What joy we do find in today will be largely due to the fact that Mary, myself and our families remember each and every day how kind people truly are.  So many of you that we know so well, that we have met along the way, and some of you who we will never have the pleasure of meeting, have showed us great examples of humanity. Our parents, siblings,  friends, families and medical staff literally held us from falling and crumbling so many times throughout this year.  All of you have been hero’s to us in so many ways.  You have given us and continue to give us strength we know we would not possess without you.  We have heard from many of you how you were inspired by Remy’s journey and all that surrounded it.  We too are inspired by the humanity of so many of you.

Please ‘Remember Remy’. Remember her strength, her fight, her beauty, her story. Remember by giving an extra hug to your child, or an extra tickle with your niece or nephew or  loved one when things may be stressful, when the turkey is burned today or your upset about your football team losing or whatever it may be remember the big stuff.  Remember by celebrating life when you find it difficult to appreciate life.  Remember in your own way but most of all please continue beyond the holidays.

I leave you with something that inspired us after Remy passed.  An email from a close friend Phil.  His daughter put a post it on her folder at school.  He sent it along with this simple message and it made us smile and I think of it often.

“Hope you guys are doing ok. Emily did this to her folder at school … no prompting from us.”


8 thoughts on “RelishEveryMomentYou have

  1. Thinking of you and Remy always reminds me to treasure Noah. Having a child with autism can be pretty challenging at times, but he is healthy and loving and it is a privilege to be his parents. We are so lucky to have him. Thank you for reminding me to give him an extra hug and hold him tight.
    I just showed Emily the picture of her post-it and she smiled. We love you both and hope to see you very soon. We’re thinking of you and Remy today and every day. xoxo

  2. Thanks Pete and Mary for this beautiful rememberance of a very special angel.
    There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of Remi. I think of you two as well and I know that the aching and wanting are still there. Your mom keeps me posted on you two . You and Remi are remembered and will never be forgotten.
    Someday you will experience the joy of knowing that that little girl was yours for a time .
    Take great comfort in your family and know that you are still very much thought of.


    Jo Shewbridge

  3. You touched my heart as usual. Remy will always be in my heart and remembered by all the Rosen family. My only regret is that we never got to meet her. However, Peter, you posts helped us be part of her short and amazing life. She was such a little fighter. Her life touched many people in deep and meaingful ways. I know there is no greater loss than that of a child but I pray that the love you have for her will heal your broken hearts. My sister, Marilyn, lost her first child at 16 months old. Our family still talks about Linda and believes that she has been our personal angel. Linda was buried on my sister’s 20th birthday and it always amazed me that she held it together. Her second child was just a few weeks old at the time and she said she had to pull herself together to take care of her. You remind me of my beloved sister because of how you have carried on with your lives in the face of this great sadness and loss. You are special people. I am sending you all our love and well wishes for 2012.

  4. I love you guys and I’m always thinking of you. Will always remember Remy. Hope you find Joy, Love and Peace…. Im sure Remy would want the same.

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