MRI Relief!

My apologies to everyone who has been waiting for this late but very very great. Due to long days in the hospital meeting with doctors and long days in the field I was unable to post. For those of you who have not heard Remy had her MRI.   We had been waiting so long for this with nervous thoughts and butterflies and fear and hope all mixed together.

The results showed significant blood clots between the brain and the skull in the sinus cavity.  This could turn out to be a problem eventually.  However, it is unlikely that it will.   Chances are that it will dissipate on its own or with the treatment of blood thinners. Blood is being taken for several tests to be sure there is not a bigger threat.

More importantly there was NO brain damage!   This was the greatest news we could have received.  It appears that our little girl has a brain that is functioning just fine!  While there could be problems in development that we cannot see right now, we will address that in time if that should be the case   As of now evidence does not suggest that.  This is a moment we are so grateful for!   There has been more going on this week (all good stuff) and I would love to share, but I will give a more extensive update in a few days.   For now Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there.  You deserve it!  We are enjoying Mary’s first, and Remy is doing better and better each day opening her eyes more and more making us smile our faces off!  As always thank you so much for your love and support!


7 thoughts on “MRI Relief!

  1. Peter & Mary
    Remy is the strongest little girl I know. yahoo
    I can’t wait to meet her. Happy Mother’s Day Mary. The first thing I do every morning when I get to work is check your blog then Cindy’s. My thoughts & prayers are with all of you. The best blog has been the one with Grandma Tess. I have read it five times & cried every time. I love you both and can’t wait to meet my first great niece, Remy. Jen is due any day and the baby wants to meet her cousin.

  2. What great news for your family, especially right before Mother’s Day! Praying for you both, and most of all, for Remy!

  3. Your mum, Jane ,was kind enough to email those of us in Florida and we are all so happy that Remy’s MRI came back normal. It was a joyful day for all of us who track Remy’s progress regularly.
    We very much understand how very busy you are so please do not aplogize if you cannot post as often as you liked. We are grateful when you do.
    We are also elated that Remy is improving and progressing as we have prayed for
    so very hard.
    Happy Mom’s day Mary and stay the course!

    Jo Shewbridge

  4. So happy to hear this wonderful news! I hope Mary enjoyed her first Mother’s Day! My son has received various therapies for varied delays. They have done WONDERS for him. He is now in a regular Ed kindergarten class and doing awesome!! Keep up all that you are doing! Love is truly the best medicine!

  5. Alleluja. Thanks to God. Happy Mothers Day Mary. We will keep praying and Remy you keep growing stronger. We are so happy with the good news. Love Always.

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