Big Rewards Come in Little Packages

It’s still Sunday, I just felt this topic deserved it’s own post.

I was taken completely off guard on Wednesday.  Just after saying goodbye to Mom T. (who we miss so much), our amazing nurse Jenn asked if we wanted to “Kangaroo” Remy….…. Yep, okay.  Wait HUH!?

Kangaroo care is a technique practiced on newborn, usually preemies, infants wherein the infant is held, skin-to-skin, with an adult. Kangaroo care seeks to provide restored closeness of the newborn with mother or father by placing the infant in direct skin-to-skin contact with one of them. This ensures physiological and psychological warmth and bonding. The kangaroo position provides ready access to nourishment. The parent’s stable body temperature helps to regulate the neonate’s temperature more smoothly than an incubator.

Translation; we get to hold Remy!!!!!!!!

This was the greatest thing I have ever done, Ever!  Mary would tell you the same.  Mary did it first, since, well, she’s the Mom. Remy just chills out on our chests and grabs our finger, cries a little in the beginning, which sounds more like a squeak or a high pitched whimper.  Sometimes she hiccups and twitches after getting settled in and she just sleeps and stretches on you.  I am happy to be her kangaroo any day, any time!  I go back and forth trying to figure out whom this benefits more.  Mary and I, or Remy?

Here is what a millisecond thought is like for me while this is happening:

Wow, you have changed my life. I am so lucky to have you. I will do everything in my power to give you the best life. You just tickled my belly with your miniature toes. I have a new purpose in life. I better not move too much.  I hope my singing isn’t scaring her for life.

Remy’s thoughts:

Aaaahhh, warm comfy bed!

We have switched taking turns kangarooing, everyday since Wednesday.   Today was pretty scary though.  Remy was twitching like crazy with spasm-like movements.   Both Mary and I were very worried.  We spoke to our nurse and she got the doctor for us.  He did not want to interrupt kangarooing, as it is so beneficial to Remy.  He said her vitals were okay and he would check more thoroughly after she was back in the incubator.

It was very concerning, because we read that preemies can be known to experience seizures, and even if she is fine, it is just plain hard to watch.   Turns out she is fine.  We spoke to some other moms and dads at the NICU and they reaffirmed  that their preemies went through the same thing.   I’m sure I would twitch, if I had all these things attached to me.

Today’s biggest payoff!   I was able to do something I have been dying to do for almost two weeks now.   I KISSED MY BABY GIRL FOR THE FIRST TIME.  I had chills.

Below are some pics of us kangarooing.


8 thoughts on “Big Rewards Come in Little Packages

  1. Goooo Remy! Go breastmik! Go kangaroo care! All huge milestones. Keep up the great work guys! Those photos are breathtaking and brought many tears to my eyes. So proud of all 3 of you Zappullas:)

  2. Dear Mary and Peter, I’m so glad I could read your posts about kangarooing and see pictures of the 3 of you. Parenting is the most amazing thing in the world and will change your life forever. May Remy grow stronger each day and be a blessing to your entire family.

  3. the most amazing thing to become a parent – you will have empathy for others like never before! and yes – you will do everything in your power to keep your precious little girl safe. So enjoy every moment of kangaroo care – and of those gorgeous long fingers gripping yours and reminding you of what’s important in this world. Thinking of you guys – stay strong!!

  4. I think the kangaroo care is just as much for the baby as it is for the parents. I am so happy you were able to hold your baby girl.

  5. thanks so much for sharing this journey with all of us – i’m sure it isn’t easy but it is wonderful sharing in your joys. this was a big milestone! you and mary are so strong, and so is remy. love you guys. xoxo

  6. Thank you Pete for taking the time to update us all while going through so much. We pray for you and your beautiful family every day. Continue to stay strong and know Remy is a fighter and soon all of this will be a memory. Sending hugs and strength,

  7. SO happy you two were able to Kangaroo…such a special, healing milestone!! I love the picture of Mary excited to get to hold her baby…that’s the Mary that was my partner in crime so very long ago…I love it! Thanks for sharing, Pete, you are doing an amazing job!!

  8. Guys, I just heard about Remy…Pete while your blog is very moving, I don’t feel sad…I feel hopeful. My daughter, Anika spent 3 weeks in NICU and an additional 5 weeks in an acute care facility…cpap, phenobarbital, eeg, ng tube, fundo, genetic work-ups, a-hole doctors…you name it I seen it…stay strong and stay faithful. Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to voice your feelings. Anything I can do guys…seriously. Good luck!

    p.s. Nurses are (typically) your friend, I found them more useful than the Dr’s in many instances.

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