Short Term Sublet

Early Thursday morning (Later that evening):

4:30 am: After several visits back and forth from the 15th floor ICU to the 9th floor NICU it was time to go to sleep on my pull out recliner next to Mary.   I was still in shock about the events that happened; it seemed completely surreal.

4:56 am:  Mary is in severe pain, and the doctors are checking in on her.   This would be the start of my day and the routine I would get used to for the rest of the week.

Rounds in the ICU were frequent.  Just when I thought I could get 5 minutes of rest the doctors, nurses, interns, specialist, social workers, good Samaritans, and so on were rolling in.  I was actually in awe of how much attention Mary was given by the staff 24 /7.  I still couldn’t believe how sick she actually was.

My mother-in-law, was northbound from Virginia arriving at Penn at 7:00 am.  My father-in-law and sister-in-law would be arriving at LGA from North Carolina. My mom and dad were on their way from Florida, and would be at NYU at about noon with my sister Dawn.   Our close friend Cheryl arrived at LGA from Denver, at about 9:30 am.  It was comforting to know all of our dear family and friends rushed to be here.

For the next four days NYU Tisch would become our home.  I have to say the accommodations really are not so bad, but don’t ask Mary about the food!  Friends and family would show up at all times from the morning until -7 pm. It was great for me, because Mary had company while I would get to visit with Remy, check on her progress, and connect with her.   One of our closest friends John transported family back and forth,  ran errands, brought meals, and pretty much took care of our family.  Everything got done. I mean things like feeding the cat,  driving relatives, bringing food,  bringing clothes.  Things just got done!  We also got a ton of amazing emails, and texts, messages,  and people were reaching out sharing stories similar to ours.

It’s a testament to human nature, and we both know how lucky we are to be surrounded by such great people.  We are extremely grateful for it.  This made our stay at NYU Tisch that much better.  To all of you that were thinking of us, close up and afar, directly or indirectly, it means the world to all of us!

We could adapt to this everyday, if we had to.  My recliner pulled out to a bed.   It was an easy trek from Mary to Remy.   Friends and family brought meals, snacks, clothes, magazines and anything else that we needed.  The staff was amazed by the amount of stuff we had on the window sills.  I couldn’t help but take time to organize, every few hours which always gave Mary and the nurses a good laugh.  I couldn’t help it.  Besides being there physically and mentally for Mary and Remy, it was really the only contribution I could make to sustain order.  Everything else was out of my hands.


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