Musical Rooms

Anyone who knows the Zappulla’s, knows we don’t travel light, and this holds true even in the hospital.  Between the 40 lb. bag of magazines people brought, the baby gifts, the candy and snacks we received, the clothes, slippers, laptop, camera, the cases of bottled water and so on, we had quite a pile.  If there were a bellhop he would have earned a nice tip from us.

On Saturday morning we were off to a new room on the 8th floor in the Labor & Delivery Ward.   The new room was compact so our stuff cluttered it up quickly, and once again I made Mary laugh when I tried to organize to the point where I hung our snack bag from a hanger in the closet to save space.

We were actually back in the exact room that Mary was brought to prior to her surgical procedure, at a time when she and I were both scared and 500 miles apart.   Her pain was still pretty intense, but her vitals were good.  Her platelets and white and red blood cell counts were back into the safe zone, so that is what was needed to get out of ICU.  Though it was very emotional for her to go through what she did, and end up back in this same room.

On the other hand being on the eighth floor was great because I was so close to the NICU. By now Mary was able to make two more trips up with me and she was able to do the fun things that I was getting to do with Remy.

At one point on Saturday, three of my oldest and closest friend’s Mark, Chris & Tommy stopped by on their way up to Tremblant in Canada, for what I’m sure was about to be an epic ski trip.   I was trying to make the trip with them between jobs,  before Remy decided she doesn’t want me to go until she is ready to go with me.

What happened when they got here was pretty funny!  They stopped in for a few minutes after already coming the previous days and dropped off some nipple cream and cleansing supplies for Mary’s new breast pumping routine.  Mark explained to me and Mary, what to do with them.  Three grown men off for a man’s trip in the woods, non-shaven, dropping off breast pumping supplies that our close friends Maria and Courtney (their better halves) had sent along.  The ladies had been coaching  my morphine filled wife the couple of days before on what she was about to be getting into, and they wanted to make sure these things got to her.   Sorry gentlemen, if that’s too much information for you, but is was too funny not to share.

Saturday night came and with almost no notice we were rushed up to Pregnancy Postpartum on 13.  There was no time to even grab our stuff really, and I kept asking the nurse to leave my bags while I was packing them.  Yet I had to keep taking them back in the room to fill them, as she was taking them out of the room.  I was getting a bit annoyed, since it wasn’t like there was someone waiting to get in yet.  But I kept my cool and just let it go.

The next room was very clean and we were able to have a room of our own (normally mothers are paired up with their newborns).  It would have been tough for both Mary and I to be in a room with a new family that had a baby with them in the room.

This was the only early evening we were alone.  While it was amazing and so helpful having everyone surrounding us and tending to us the entire week, it was nice to finally sit down and to absolute peace and quiet.  The room was nice and I did my typical move in organization ritual.   We did not even think about TV all week with our flat screens in each room.  This time it was an old 9 inch 4:3 with a  movable arm, and we ordered food and with a guilty conscience, watched the Oscars for a bit.

Later that evening while Mary was fast asleep I went down to hang out with Remy.  I’ve gotten into a routine with her.  I sing her Beatles songs, like Rocky Raccoon, I’m So Tired.  Don’t ask me why.  They just sound soothing and they just came to me, and I can’t think of any children’s songs. I don’t think she is quite ready for Jimi, Sex Pistols, or the White Stripes just yet, but maybe some Stones or some Bowie later in the week.  Not that I can sing at all,  but Remy doesn’t know that quite yet, I hope!

I usually cup her soft little head with one hand and then I touch her feet or her hand with my finger.  She immediately curls her toes around my finger and pushes with her leg.  I give her gentle push back.  She seems to love it!  We get into this rhythm.  She is so active, and responds well to touch, I’m blown away!  The nurses all joke about how she is a wild one.  I know that this is a sign of what is to come and that Daddy is going to have his hands full with Remy.  But I will take it, gladly!


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