Homeward Bound

It’s Monday and we are ready to go home!   Well, sorta.  It was another busy day as usual.   Today was just gathering everything together.  There was tons of paperwork to fill out.   Birth certificate, discharge papers, insurance, surveys.  Trying to cut a deal to rent the newest breast pump that had to be shipped out (no, I never thought I would be doing this).  Hospital reps stopping in and out, social workers and therapists wanting to make sure we are okay and talk to us about what to expect.

We were able to make some short visits in and out of the NICU during the day.  Mary still not in great shape at all, but significantly better.   Mixed feelings now set in hard.  Of course we want to get home and sleep in our bed.  We wanted to be away from beeping monitors all night and just be with family, but the fact that Remy wasn’t with us, was just plain difficult.  We were going home without our little girl.

My parents came by to pick us up, and we made a couple of trips down to the car with our multiple bags for our NYU Hospital Tour.  We timed it so that we could visit Remy before we left.  Both new grandparents were able to get a quick visit as well and it’s comforting just to watch their reactions.  So now we were about to become commuting visitors to our little Remy at the NYU Tisch NICU sleep away camp.  We’ve only been parents for 5 days and its just tough not to be walking distance from her all of the sudden.  It is what it is, and you have to just succumb to that and accept it.  There really is no other alternative.

We got home and Mama Taylor and Cheryl who had been staying at our apartment all week had the place looking immaculate.  Everything was cleaned and scrubbed and even the cabinets were reorganized.  My mother in law made her trademark lasagna for all of us, we had a great family dinner!  Jake, our lazy old cat, was happy and purring and as always, waiting for dinner scraps.  Its nice to be home, but we cannot wait to rise and shine to start getting used to our new daily routine, with Remy!

87 days is the estimated time until we can take our baby home.  One day at a time, or we’ll go crazy!


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